This page is for the template challenge (Fabulous template by CZ!). This was a page I had included in my mom's album. These ladies had been friends for a life time and made it a point to get together every Wednesday for as long as I can remember. They would begin the morning with garage sales, have lunch, and then play cards and visit all afternoon. Each took their turn to host the afternoon at their home and I loved when my mom hosted it because it ment we were having the leftovers of some great dessert for dinner!! The last photo indicates as the years passed they also discovered a nearby casino!! Such a fabulous group of ladies!

Thanks for looking!


Anna ******

Stitched by Anna White No. 2

Ali Edwards

Love Sentiments Strips

Lynn Grieveson

Jolie Kit

Patty Knox

Stacked Deck

Cathy Z

Template No. 12