Flipping through some family photos with my sons, we stumbled across this one of me when I was 26 years old. “Whoa! Who is that WILD woman, Mom?” Jacob asked. When I told them it was me, they couldn’t believe it. “SHE looks like a FUN person,” Ian said. I laughed and set the photo aside, not thinking about it until later that night. The boys were right. Since becoming a mom and teacher, I wasn’t nearly as much fun to be around as I was in the past. I tend to take life too seriously. I worry too much. It’s been too long since I have acted SILLY. It is way past time for me to find that inner WILD WOMAN again! I think she could help me become a much happier person.

Katie Pertiet- Classic Cardstock Cleansing, Messy Stamped Alpha., Counting Trash Alpha., Tied Fasteners No.3, Jewelry Tag, Drop Shadow Styles

Pattie Knox- Staple-Its

Anna Aspnes- Template (journaling challenge 19 July 2009)

Shabby Miss Jenn Designs- Love Shack Sage Paper (recolored)

C. Lyle- Bread tag

Michelle Underwood- Sequin

Gina Miller Designs- Sparkle Edge (recolored)

Melissa Bennett- Foil Star