This is a tribute to a dear old gentleman in our church who died recently. Towards the end, I helped take care of his books for him and was blessed to hear tales of his career.

This was done for Cathy's DYL class and the palette was created in kuler.come from the typewriter photo. It is saved in kuler as Smith Corona.

Thank you for looking.

Journaling: An ancient Smith-Corona typewriter, his preferred method of writing notes and letters. A treasured cavalry sword, the link to an illustrious Army career long past. A 400-year old samurai sword, a gift to his father from a Japanese dignitary. These are some of the treasured possessions of my friend Vic, who passed away this winter. And these photos are my treasures -- treasured memories of a sweet, caring, and courageous man whom I was blessed to know.

Credits: Naturally Krafty No. 7 -- Katie Pertiet
Waterpaper -- MaryAnn Wise
DYL RWC7 Template (modified) -- Cathy Zielske