Looking back at my life growing up, I can honestly say I was blessed. (It took my becoming a parent to be able to see that.)

My dad was a teacher, and for many years, my mom stayed home with the kids. (Later, she went to work as a travel agent.) Because of this, we were able to be together evenings, weekends, holidays, and summers.

My parents put a great deal of emphasis on family. As a result, we spent a lot of time with one another- playing games, taking vacations, going to church, and visiting other relatives.

I am the oldest of four children- both a blessing and a curse. My brother and sisters quickly learned that if they blamed something on me, I would surely get in trouble. I must admit that I sometimes envied my brother and sisters because as each one was born, I could feel myself losing more of my parents’ time and attention. Even so, I secretly liked being the oldest. I was in charge (or at least, I thought so!).

Now that I am an adult with children of my own, I appreciate all of the values my own parents taught me. Like my mom and dad, I strongly believe that there is nothing more important in this life than my family. (Journaled 2/2010)

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