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1. A flower for Valentines Day. I was playing around with lighting and my macro.
2. I love this funky vase and after changing it up a bit in Lightroom, my favorite turned out to be this one of the vase's top.
3. Another photo of the same tulip but it had opened up and I changed it in Lightroom with a preset.
4. The perfect day. What could be better than spending the day at the zoo with my child and hers. I think this picture captures their relationship beautifully. Erin is lifting up Cooper so he could see the otter playing on the log.
5. I was so busy Thursday, that when I realized I only had 45 minutes left to take my photo of the day I pulled out this onion. Love the colors and the texture, but since I kept "posing" it, my camera ended up smelling just like it.
6. On my walk I found this growing out in the natural desert. I think it is a weed, but the light from the setting sun helped the background of the sky and leaves look like a painted canvas background. Very pretty.
7. Another late "what am I going to shoot tonight" shot after a day at work and coming home to chat at Designer Digitals.

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