Back with the credits after all of the chats are over (I'm hanging out in the Chat Room today for the entire 1st Quarterly Sale Chat Fest.)

The journaling:
"Once I’ve known people for awhile, I inevitably get The Question. It is always a form of, ”So, which came first: the nickname or the collection?” In case you’ve ever wondered, the nickname came first. After that, people started giving me mice as gifts for birthdays, Christmas and the like and then I followed suit and began collecting them for myself. I’ve had the nickname since high school and my collection for nearly as long. And how did I get the nickname, you might ask? Well, we’ll have to save that answer for another time!"

Note added after the chats: Ugh! I am soooo re-doing this page. You've been warned--you'll be seeing some version of this again! Interesting...I absolutely know this about myself: I don't work well under pressure when I have to use a skill set that I don't possess, and yet, I keep returning to these 30MM challenges. I'm going to have to explore these masochistic tendencies of mine...or maybe I just need to have a shot of whiskey before I participate in the chat. :D

Cassie Jones
30MM Chat Freebie, 2-20-10 (photo cluster)
Jesse Edwards
Sunkist Kit (background paper, slightly recolored)

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