My layout for the AAM challenge No 02.

The stickers and the Karangiozi's figure are from my own collection. I used to play with them when I was a little girl.

I was born on December 15th 1949. I am the oldest among the 3 children. My sister was born 3 years later and my brother after 5 years. Our first house was in Plaka, the area under Acropolis and it was a rented house, but when I was 7 years old we moved to our own house. My father was a furniture maker and had his own workshop on the ground floor of our new house. He had a successful career in this profession with 10 employees working with him, but he worked more hours than they did. Our house was noisy and alive because of the workshop. Many people shuttled every day in it, such as clients, suppliers etc. My father also used to sing while he was working, he had a good tenor voice. He was also a bird lover. In our yard there was a shed for his pigeons. We had about 60 of them and all of them were of rare species. Every morning he would feed them, then he would open the door of the shed. They would fly away and come back with the sunset. Later he sold them as neighbours protested because they let their marks in their yards. We also had a big rectangle cage which was separated in 12 smaller cages. In every one of them there was a different songbird like canary, goldfinch, an oriole and others that I don't quite remember. We also had a white cat, the "Snow White" and about 10 hens which provided us with fresh eggs. Generally it was a lively house and I feel grateful for this. My mother was a stay at home mom and great support for my father. They loved each other deeply. Although my father was a strong man and his word was the law in the house, many times my mother's word became the law. In those times Greek women ought to stay in the shadow of their husband, but my mother used to say: "Man is the head of the house, but woman is the neck and the head goes where the neck orders"
She sewed our clothes, she knitted us wonderful pullovers, and she even sewed us our costumes for the Carnival Balle Masque parties. I had dressed on various costumes for the Carnival but my favourite was the "Marie Antoinette" costume in an azure colour with black embossed velvet flowers on it
Being the oldest and being a girl meant that I had many responsibilities. Fifty years ago the first daughter was her mother's helper to raise the other children. Consequently I was a second mother for my sister and brother. From a very early age I cared for them when our mother was busy. I remember the day she had to make the laundry. There weren't any washing machines still in Greece and women washed the clothes by hand. My mother was lucky because she had a helper for this unpleasant work. Once a week, usually on Mondays she called the laundrywoman to do the washing, but my mother helped her a lot .We had a big caldron in the yard and there they boiled water together with green olive soap and ash and when it was ready they put the clothes in it. Laundry lasted a whole day. In the meantime, I was the one who cared for my sister and brother; I dressed them up or gave them their milk and later their lunch. Every Sunday we went to church and after the end of the Mass we attended the Sunday school. We spent our vacation on one of the nearby beaches of Athens, in a rented house, but later my parents bought a lot in a seaside district and built our own summer house. We also visited, Exo Gonia, Santorini, our hometown for two weeks.
When we didn't have school , especially in summer, we were in the streets of the neighbourhood and played with the other children different children games like hide and-seek, tag, jacks etc. Girls also played with our dolls or exchanged our stickers and boys played football. Another favourite game was war between boys and girls and our weapons were stones and sticks. Many times we wounded our heads and I ask myself today how we survived. I was a skinny tomboy and many times I had bruises on my knees because another favourite game was climbing on trees, but I also liked reading and I was a good student. We also played "theater." It was a shadow show with Karangiozi, a buffoon folk hero. There was also the thrilling event of Friday, which was the great adventure for us. Those times there was Royalty in Greece and every Friday the Royal Squadron passed from our neighbourhood driving the horses to the nearby mountain. We, children, gathered in the square of our neighbourhood, and waited for them to appear. When they arrived we started shouting and we clapped our hands. Horses trotted and we had been running after them for a while. They were beautiful years, a beautiful childhood in a family with strong bonds of love.

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