Parenthood is certainly a humbling experience. I have learned SO much and have discovered that I took WAY too many things for granted before having of which is taking a shower. Taking a shower now is flat out dangerous and yet it is a risk I continue to take every day. It would make sense for me to shower before you get up but because of our house, the shower wakes up your sisters so I wait until they get up.

Buddy, you are ALL over the place and immediately when I get out of the shower, I listen. I listen for you crying, I listen for your sisters yelling your name, I listen and hope for silence. Silence doesn’t mean that there isn’t trouble but it means that you are safe for the moment. After getting dressed, I immediately engage in the Morton version of “Where’s Waldo”. Quinn, I constantly find you in places that amaze me...sitting in the sink sucking toothpaste out of the tubes...on top of the kitchen the cabinet, under the kitchen the big basket in the living room...rewiring the computer...working on a page in photoshop...rearranging the fridge...the list goes on.

On the REALLY good days, I will find you with your sisters reading a book. One day I found all three of you in your crib reading books together. I honestly don’t know what I would do without your sisters. They adore you and care for you like they are your mother.

I know that I have many more days ahead of “Where’s Waldo”. I wish I could be everywhere but I can’t. I just pray that God continues to watch over you when I can’t be there. I love you so little Waldo!

Credits: K. PertietStamped and Framed Layered Template No. 10
Fine Lines Border Lines Brushes and Stamps
Farm Fresh Collection
Graphic Pop Border Strips
Messy Stamped Alpha Brushes and Stamps

A. Aspnes Stitched by Anna White No. 01
Artist Edge Overlays No. 04 12 X 12

L. Grieveson It's Elementary: Remix

P. Knox Absolutely Acrylic Alphabet No. 01

Font (Waldo): Cheri
Waldo himself came from the internet. I always worry about the printed quality of using stuff like this but what can you. He is kind of an important part of the page.

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