This was a difficult challenge, but forced me to do some introspective thinking about a seemingly trivial subject.

HEART & SOULful Nester

It makes my HEART SOUL SING. How do I define what energizes my spirit and has my senses cheering for more?

I am a soulful nester, an ethereal daydreamer. I love to surround myself with poetic blendings of playful pattern and artful palettes. I have a passion for pops of color and a constant desire to fiddle and futz. I used to worry that these were frivolous endeavors; that my intense preoccupation with home and surroundings and even my wardrobe made me seem shallow and less concerned with real problems like world peace or helping others. Was this self-absorbed obsession of mine a shortcoming in my character?

I am by nature a reserved person and a self-proclaimed homebody. With a home office I’m constantly tempted to fuss with something or other totally non-work related (ahh...discipline; but that’s another subject). I keep my emotions in check and deal with life’s problems very analytically. But gaining wisdom...and yes, age...I’ve discovered this homey obsession with color play to be a release of
expression; a celebration of senses needing to be fulfilled. It seems so clear now that I embrace it and just accept that is who I am...a quiet person with an inner voice speaking right out loud and assuring me it’s not an insignificant pasttime. The wonder and excitement of different moods created by blending pattern and palette is an accomplishment of self discovery. It can make me feel happy...feel pretty...fuel my soul. My world offers a never ending source of creative outlet where I can throw my very own personal passion party on a whim. An exciting
blend of sensual color and artful treasures can create a bit of magic to make my day...whatever I want it to be!

I simply DIG my DIGS!


Anna Aspnes:
Passionaire PageSet
ArtPlay Palette Mini Kit No. 04
Page FotoBlendz No. 03 12 X 12
FotoBlendz Layered Template No. 09 12 x 12

Katie Pertiet:
Garden District No. 01 Paper Pack
Watery Alphabet No. 03
Twisted Stitches
Snap Frames and Edgers No. 01
On the Edge Flourishes No. 05 Brushes and Stamps
From My Porch Brushes and Stamps

Lynn Grieveson:
Notable Blooms

Rob and Bob Studios:
Pickadilly Paper Pack

Fonts: P22 Cezanne, CK Ali's Writing, CK Romance, Chantilly, Tom's New Roman