Just My Type: Font and Alpha Challenge No. 47

I don't think I completely hit the mark on this particular challenge, so I may try it again later...

The story is this...
Apparently, my everyday speech is peppered with certain phrases, so much so that many of those phrases have become a kind of signature for me. Seriously, who knew? Smile Well, my sisters know, and at a recent family dinner my special little catch phrases became the subject of parody. (In a recent layout, Squeeeeze Those Cheeks!, I mentioned how my sisters and I crack each other up whenever we're together, and how it can get soooo bad that we frustrate the livin' crud out of people around us. It's somehow not as much fun when you're on the receiving end of that! Smile ) I don't know which of my phrases started it all, but for about 20 minutes I was treated to non-stop ribbing. (Oh yea, I remember now: It was 'Hey, Sweetie.' I use that phrase the way someone else might use the word 'Dude.' Seriously, with the correct vocal inflection, it can be used to make a statement, ask a question or express anger. Smile Unfortunately, everyone--EVERYONE--in my orbit is eventually called 'Sweetie,' so at dinner I said, "Hey, Sweetie?" and EVERYONE--even the CATS!!--turned to me in response! Argh! It's all coming back to me now...) If my sisters are to be believed (and heck, even my normally quiet and respectful niece got in on the act, popping off with a, "Aunt Shirley the '90's called and they want their sayings back!" Clearly we are corrupting the child, but I digress...) it would seem that my modes of expressing myself are not entirely limited to my speech. Facial expressions and hand motions are also involved, and although in spite of how convincing they were, I don't believe I do the Snoopy dance of joy coupled with a hip shake (Really, Siblings? Hippy Hippy Shakes?) every time something goes well...maybe only some of the time.

So, what to do when presented with "evidence" (and I use the term loosely!) that I overuse certain phrases in my speech? Why, realize that the list would make a dandy layout!

Oh, and I have a new expression that I'm adding to my repertoire just for my sisters: Get over it! :D

With apologies to Katie, for shamelessly copying her package design (see, for example, Defining Words Brushes and Stamps No. 03). I thought it would be cute to have this layout of my phrases mimic a DD product package, specifically Katie's "Defining Words" series. "Defining Words" -- "Defined By My Words" -- get it? Just me, then.

Anna Aspnes
O.M.G Page Set
Different Strokes No. 01 BrushSet

Lynn Grieveson
Paper Bag Alphabet
Worn Hearts

Cassie Jones
How'd They Do That? No. 13: Bending Shadows

Katie Pertiet
Naturally Krafty No. 01 Paper Pack
Bunny Trail Mini Kit
Simple Classics No. 06 Kit
Mistyped Alphabet Brushes and Stamps
Metal Type Cast Alphabet No. 01
Chipboard Alphabet: Black
Found Alphabet No. 01
Mousing Around

Rob and Bob
Party Pop Dots Alphabet Multi Color

Mindy Terasawa
Mindy's Bunny Hop Kit

Andrea Victoria
Hoot Elements

Fonts: Action Jackson,Mia's Scribblings,Hobo STD,MakeMeAlpha, Rebeccah's Birthday,Establo,Cheri Liney,fancyPens,Earwig Factory, Eclipse, Cambria Math,Ransom,Pea Shirley, Submerged, Trajan Pro, CelticHand, DJB SLOPPY JOE

Thanks for looking! Smile