Amazing Discovery Story
You sit right here. I sit in the chair. We talk for fifty minutes once a week unless you are out of town or I am. First we hear the pain of
what is bringing you to the point.of wanting to change. You start to trust me and I start to love you. Then we try to understand, what in your story is making this hurt so much. You are out on a limb, in fragile space of change. I am nudging and nurturing and leading and holding space for sacred deep work. I remember your story when you can not. I hold the pages together until you are ready. Then we start to really look deeply at the hand you were dealt.

I have been practicing psychologist, healing the soul, for twenty six years and still find myself almost leaping out of the chair with passionate interest in the way the story of the person across from me is transforming. The intrigue of piecing bits of the past into
a new and powerful personal truth is only matched by the power of true love and care I feel for the people who choose to share this endeavor with me. We find the fragile child so often buried. We work with fears and we find the strengths. We examine and discard or keep pieces of the old story. We stitch the new, chosen pages together into a new sense of self. The work yields an integrated person in touch with their own heart. I love my work. And my work loves me.

Debbie Hodges Building Pages Class 6: Layers…. heavily influenced this page.

Katie Pertiet

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