Inspired by Carol's lovely heritage page, Separate Ways.

Title: A Love Story...The Cowboy & The Schoolmarm

My Grandfather, a cowboy at heart, met my Grandmother, the new schoolmarm,
one rainy, stormy day in No. California {circa 1916}
when he rode up to her mother’s house on horseback
to check on their well being during the storm. I’ve always imagined the conversation...
“Howdy, Miss McCormack. I’m Alfred Turney from down the road.
Just wanted to make sure you and your Ma weren’t in any need of assistance”.
“Oh, that’s so kind of you, sir, but we’re just fine.
Thank you for your concern.
You must be cold and wet after that ride, Mr. Turney.
Would you care to come in and sit by the fire a bit?”
...and the sparks were ignited.
They were married in San Francisco in 1918 and the love story continued for 54 years.


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