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"When I was born, I increased my family to five and my parents decided to build a new home. A very independent child, I decided one day when I was 18 months old to get a glass of lemonade - okay, so a pitcher of lemonade for myself. Unfortuantley for me, I am hypoglycemic, and my body went into shock. I aspirated into my lungs and stopped breathing. My mother, who was also a nurse, gave me CPR while my Dad drove to the hospital. I suffered seizures and slipped into a coma. My family started referring to me as “the baby” in front of my sisters, to help ease them into the knowledge that I most likely wouldn’t survive. But, in answer to everyone’s prayers, I woke up three days later. “The baby” turned into Bebbie, and although I didn’t have any lingering health issues, my family was always a bit over protective. I grew up very loved, but always wanting to prove that I didn’t need help, that I didn’t need protection. Perhaps that has led me to be a bit stubborn, and there have been times when I should have asked for help sooner. I was only 18 months old when this happened. Too little to remember. But the experience of my family colored the rest of my childhood and led me to the person I am today."
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