Apokries or Carnival is called the four weeks before the Lent of Easter. It was thus named, because this period Christians do not eat meat, that is to say “they abstain from meat”, but only fish and dairy in order to prepare for the fast of the Lent. So the word Apo-kria composites from the words apeho=abstain and kreas=meat. Proportional with the Greek word Apokries is the Latin word Carneval, Carnavale, from the words Carne=meat and Vale=abstain.
These 4 weeks are the days of great entertainment and masquerading, that has remained from the old feasts of the Roman time, feasts dedicated in the gods Saturn and Zeus and the more ancient, the Greek “Dionysiakes feasts”, where the people were disguised, danced, sang and drank much wine to honour the god Dionysus. Carnival typically involves a public celebration or parade. Carnival is a festival traditionally held in Catholic, Orthodox societies. In our days the Carnival in Greece is celebrated with great feasts all over the country. People often dress up or masquerade during the celebrations, which mark an overturning of daily life, engage in pranks and general revelry. In our days the city of Patras holds the largest annual Carnival in a 3 day long grand spectacle replete with concerts, balles masques, parading troupes, floats, a treasure hunt and many events for children.Children love Carnival because the can dress up the costume of their favorite person. For some time they can become a Princess, a pirate, Barbie, Hawaiian girl, a witch, a Spiderman or Superman etc. Schools also organize balles masques parties, usually on Fridays and children go to school dressed up with their favorite costume. In these pages is the party of Lucia’s school for the Carnival. Lucia is the grand daughter of another friend of mine.

Community Center Kit
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Fireworks Brushes and Stamps
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Midnight Alphabet

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