I absolutely loved LOVE by Jodi. It is so beautiful and what a fun story!

I really enjoyed browsing her gallery for inspiration!

It is almost time for bed. The treasure chest (AKA the bureau in the background) has been refilled with all the goodies pulled from its depths during the day. Kelsey the “bendavle” doll has been changed into her jammies, tucked into her sleeping bag, and placed lovingly in the bottom left drawer until morning.
The monkey pillowcase, torn and threadbare is positioned with monkey facing up on the end of the bed away from the wall. The Dora quilt is there, as is the “aminal” blanket from infant days, and a new arrival, the quilt from Mrs. Baumert’s Bears preschool class (Nevaeh’s square is pink with aparkles, of course!).
And then there are these characters: Woody, Baby Bear, and Mousey. They are the elite, the chosen of the dolls and toys.
They, above all others, are honored. They, carefully positioned and tucked in, get to join her...the stuffed little three in her bed.
February 10, 2010

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