Just a quick page documenting a conversation with my daughter....

Today I was waiting for you to go
potty so we could get dressed.
This is a daily test of my patience...
a test I fail miserably almost every day.

After you go potty, you immediatly
head over to the vent and proceed
to stand there for a few moments...
I immediately jump to the
conclusion that we are going
into the stall game which you have
mastered...I have not!

The conversation goes like this...
Me: Come on, we have to get going
You: Just wait I’m drying my bottom
Me: WHAT!?
You: I’m drying my body with the vent.
Me: Sweets, that is going to take a long time...
why don’t you just wipe
You: This way I don’t have to waste
toilet paper...isn’t that a great idea

I am SPEECHLESS...I know that I am going
to once again fail this miserable test of patience...but this time, I’m at least going
to fail it with a smile on my face.

We are going Green baby...going GREEN!
God, grant me patience and get
them here in a hurry!

Credits: DD Help Haiti Kit

K. Pertiet Farm Fresh Collection
Digital Date Stamps Vol. 15
Graphic Pop Border Strips
Lil Bit Tags

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