Journaling- poem I wrote after my Pap died:

The last hours spent with you
were too short.
Not ready to let go,
I watched you sleep,
Your frail body
enveloped by the hospital bed.
In the darkened room,
the light whispering
through a small tear in the window blind
cast shadows on the wall.
My body bathed in cold fear,
I held onto your leathery hand.
My own hand trembled
As my thumb traced
the dark circles on your skin.

You woke.
Lifting your hand slightly,
a moan escaped your parted lips.
Eyes pleading,
you motioned for the tablet
on the bedside table.
Slowly, you wote.
Your words stung my throat,
and hot tears burned my cheeks.

I want to die.

Our eyes met,
and I rubbed my swollen stomach
as the child within stirred.
Time to let go.
With broken voice I sang,
“Be not afraid.
I go before you always.
Come, follow me,
and I will give you rest.”

Good-bye, Pap.

Patterned Paper- Gina Miller
Vintage Photo Fames- Katie Pertiet
Clock Parts- Katie Pertiet
Heart- Pattie Knox
Staples- Pattie Knox
Remember Word Art Brush- Ali Edwards
Digital Poetry- Katie Pertiet