"Mom and Dad, After coming so perilously close to losing you both this past year, for me, the real gift this Christmas was simply having the two of you here to celebrate it with the rest of us."

Katie Pertiet – Textured Paper (recolored) from 01/10/10 Color Challenge, Stitching Holes Borders, Stitching Holes Borders No. 2, Postmarked Holidays Brushes-n-Stamps No. 2, Posted Santa No. 2, Holiday Foliage, Stapled Photos Layered Templates, Word Strip Labels No. 2, Tabbed Dates Brushes-n-Stamps
Anna Aspnes – Layered Template from 09/06/09 Everyday Challenge, Handmade Paperie No. 1,
Pattie Knox – Staple Its!

P22 Typewriter, Eutemia I