Just a silly page I did to unwind....

Katie Pertiet: Just Look at You LT, Candid Collection, Candid Collection Supplement, Vintage Journals No. 3.

I saw this quote on a greeting card on a rack at the Copy Express Center across the street from school today. I had run over to buy the course packet of readings for Systematic Theology. It struck me as funny to see a quote like that across the street from Union seminary, a place filled with intensely serious social justice activists and dreamers who hope to change the world, and still seem to think it is possible..
And yet I stopped, pulled the card from the rack and looked long and hard at it. An answer immediately leapt to mind-- get a Ph.D.
Crazy thinking at my age! I am in my fifties, and I am struggling to keep my
head above water in the M.Div. program
while working part time in a church. I was stunned that such an idea had come so quickly into my head in answer to a cheesy greeting card question.
I sometimes feel so old, cynical and out of place among my younger fellow students, because my goals are small-- merely to have some positive influence with a few people in some small way, and to find some joy while doing it.
What a wacky idea for an old cynic like me!
And so, here is a photo of my alter-ego: Eloise. I set up this photo a long time ago as a little private joke. Eloise, my alter-ego, still has the energy, the optimism and the sense of fun that are things that I cherish about myself. She is reading an article on Winnicott, as you see, and she has her pet lion looking over her shoulder. She also has her much loved MacBook with her. She believes that one day she might just get a Ph.D. She hasn't asked yet how much that might cost or how she could possibly pay for it. She is just dreaming and playing for now.