I was so inspired by Kathie’s snowflake pics that I wanted to try it myself. No flakes - only fuzzy ice crystals. Looks like I’ll get a chance to try again this weekend tho...We’ve had several cardinals hanging out at the feeders lately and their bright red really stands out against the snow. David found a fantastic deal on a 5 day cruise to Bermuda in April with RCCL so it looks like I’ll be celebrating my b’day in the warmth! If I close my eyes and stand over the heat vent I can almost feel the sun beating down on my old bones...Hit up Trader Joe’s today to get some “supplies” before the next storm hits. I really love shopping there.

Classic Cardstock: Cleansing
Shiver Kit
Scrap Express No. 56

Stacked Dates 2010-2012 Brushes and Stamps
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