A story about my mischievous nephews for the Just My Type Challenge.

Case No. 14: The Great Escape
On a typical weekday afternoon, my sister-in-law was doing household chores during the twins’ nap time. A hardened nap warden, she knows instantly what sounds coming from their room mean trouble. However, today was a new one. “What have they come up with, now?” she wondered, as she walked down the hall to investigate.
The Caper: When she opened the door, she was shocked to find Christopher with one leg over the top of the crib, about to take flight to the floor below. She caught him without a second to spare, all the time thinking, “How the heck did he get up over the edge? He can barely reach it when he’s standing up inside!”
The Answer: The details of the foiled escape attempt were immediately apparent when she looked in the crib. Connor was curled up below, acting as a literal stepping stone for his brother to get up and out; true teamwork!

P.S. The result of this little stunt was the implementation of a mesh tent contraption on TOP of the crib to keep them in!

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