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I dread the thought and yet some days I am consumed by the upcoming “empty nest” stage. After all, for the past 26 years I have been in “mother mode”. It has been my greatest joy, my largest concern (Am I doing this right? How do I protect them in this society? What if something happens to one of them?) and yes, at times my biggest frustration (will I always be changing diapers? Since when did they learn to talk back? Why can’t they just be quiet, just this once?) But, now it is rushing to an end and while I know that my motherhood is not ending, it feels like it. It just flat out feels like it. I wonder what will occupy my time and thoughts? What will I talk about to the man I have been living with for the past 27+ years? What goals will I have? Who will I plan my days and weeks (yes, even my life) around? Who will I be if I am not a mother? I know this is all over-dramatic & that after the initial adjustment period (and 20+ boxes of Kleenex) I will get into a pattern. My husband & I will learn to be a couple again & I will find stuff with which to occupy myself (such as scrapping the many drawers and tubs of pictures I have accumulated). I know that someday there will be grandchildren and a new adventure will begin. And who knows, maybe I will even enjoy my “empty nest”. I’ve heard that sometimes that happens. But for now, for today, just this moment, I fear.


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