I was very honored that Steph asked me to do this page. Thank you Steph! The first round of AAM pages were INCREDIBLE...can't wait to see the pages from this round!

My family will need a microscope to read this page some day but I just couldn't stop writing which is certainly "not me". There is WAY TOO much text, I don't even know if I should put it in this section but we will go with it in case anybody is SUPER bored!

Parents: My parents both grew up on a farm. After they graduated from high school, they went right to work. College was never a thought. My dad worked for 35 years at a flour mill. He often worked 7 days a week so he could get overtime payment. My mom did various jobs to help out. She ran a daycare from her home among other things. She also volunteered relentlessly at the school. They are/were wonderful parents. Even though it was never spoken, I always felt their love because they bent over backwards for us. They never missed an event and were so happy to live their lives through us. They were very strict which I resented at times throughout high school. I see things differently now. My mom got sick when I was in high school. I wish I would have realized what this would mean in the long run and spent more time just “being” with her. I was blessed to be their daughter.

Siblings: I was the youngest of three children and had two older brothers. I always wanted a sister. I was a total tomboy and always had to do what my brothers were doing. I learned to be tough. I was closest with my middle brother, Jeff. We shared a room and had similar personalities. We liked to compete in whatever we could... sports, games, the amount of cheeseballs we could fit in our mouths...anything. Our family was not affectionate but we totally looked out for one another and still do to this day. We had a little cockapoo named Muffy who always had to have a Snickers candy bar whenever we went grocery shopping.

Home: I grew up in a very small town of 1200 people. Our community certainly operated around the principle “it takes a village to raise a child”. Our home was on the 9th hole of our town golf course. Our house was very small considering we just used the upstairs because the downstairs was always cold. Everybody knew everybody and our lives focused around the school. It was fantastic growing up in a small town. Kids could just be kids. We had the run of the town. During the summers, I would play golf in the morning and then bike down to the pool for the afternoon. My best friends were the Johnson sisters who lived up the street. We spent a lot of time together. We did a lot of neighborhood games and pretty much just ran all over town. Our family never took vacations. I don’t know if it was a money thing or if it was just that my parents liked being home. I LOVED my childhood. It felt good growing up in a small community where everybody looked out for you.

Sports: Athletics was always a very important part of our family life. We were constantly attending athletic events. I played volleyball, basketball and golf. I worked very hard at all three sports but golf was the sport that took me places I always dreamed of. When I was little, our house was on the golf course so I would often go out and play all by myself. My love for the game developed into so much more. My parents and brothers started driving me all over for tournaments. I hated to lose so I practiced relentlessly. When I got into high school, I would often hit balls in the morning before school and then practice again after school. I worked extremely hard. By the grace of God, these efforts paid off. I won tournaments including the state championship. I was fortunate because I was offered scholorships to play collegiate golf. I decided to play at the University of Minnesota because I grew up as a gopher fan and didn’t want to be too far away from my mom. Golf provided me with so many wonderful opportunities including an education, travel and eventually brought me to my husband.

Then and Now: As I look back on my childhood, I can totally see that I have turned into a combination of my mom and dad. My mom was always focused on what needed to get done and worked constantly. My dad was just happy-go-lucky. Family was SOOOO important then and that certainly hasn’t changed. There are a few things that I am trying do differently such as telling my childrent that I love them as well as eating dinner together as a family. Those are the two things that seem different but everything else seems very similar in terms of how we are raising our children. There is so much that I want for them. I want them to have a strong faith, to be motivated, well educated, hard working, thoughtful, kind, happy, and to always know that they are loved more than life itself. What an incredible blessing my journey has been. I can only hope that my children will feel the same about the beginning of their journey.

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