15. The beautiful Manda told Jells today that she’s going to move back to Canada, Jells is naturally devastated, that will mean that both her girls are overseas. 16. Jells made a snap decision on Friday night to do a skydive, so on Saturday she did! We took her out to Toogoolawah where she did a tandem with Wayne. 18. This baby gecko has decided our ensuite is its new home. 19. I had a huge e.m.s. day and did the first sales presentation with Shonleigh. 20. Two shots today - first I had my hair done at Tina’s before I leave for 4 weeks in the USA and then it was time for Hayden’s grade one class party before school starts next week. 22. Oh I am going to miss these cuddles with my gorgeous girl - my last day home before going away for 4 weeks.

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