I used:

Stitched Layered Template No. 02
Naturally Krafty No. 03 Paper Pack (recolored)
Naturally Krafty No. 05 Paper Pack
Digital Date Stamps Vol. 12
Naturally Krafty No. 01 Paper Pack
Plated No. 01
Typesets All Boy No. 01 Brushes and Stamps

Journaling reads:
Mack, you were looking at your push and ride fire engine, just wondering what else you could do with it! Then came the sly little grin, and the eyes focused on Grandma as you climbed on the seat. Then, you stood up and as I shook my head “No”, you did get down!
Still, it amazes me how you can have such balance, when you only started walking a little over 2 months ago! You love to climb. “Uh-oh” (as you often say) Mommy and Daddy are in for a wild ride!

Font is Esat Hoxha NRML

TFL - Joanie