Here's my week 4 page!
1. Ho, hum, just another day of cleaning and other such stuff around the house.
2. I used this notepad that Joan gave me for Christmas to write up a menu for the week.
3. We’ve been making Joan’s vegetable soup on Sundays the last few weeks, and this Sunday was no different. The first thing I do is peel the potatoes. I can never peel potatoes without thinking of Grandma VanDeWalle and how she taught me to peel potatoes. We did that many times together as she made mashed potatoes almost every single day for lunch. It is always a treasured memory to me.
4. Today was spent getting ready for Mom and Dad’s visit on Tuesday. We ended up having yet another very bad snow storm though. We got 6.4 inches of snow in Des Moines, and the roads were very bad. There were blizzard conditions with high winds and white out conditions. It was questionable if Mom and Dad would be able to make it.
5. At the last possible minute, Mom and Dad did end up coming thankfully, and made it just fine. We enjoyed relaxing times at home talking, catching up, and having fun with Nathan.
6. The book I have been waiting to read finally came today. I have loved the first two books by Julie Klassen, and I can’t wait to read this one!
7. It was a big day for Nathan today. Mom went with us to the Dr.’s for his 4 month appointment and shots. Then I had a dentist appointment in the afternoon too. He finally fell asleep in the car on the way home from the dentist.

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