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Options. So many. Kindergarten. A big step for you and for our entire family. Your dad and I have spent hours talking it over, looking at our options, questioning our choices, comparing alternatives. We needed a back up plan. We needed to know that if choice A wasn’t possible, choice B would be. Then I discovered choice B wasn’teven a choice. And there I was stuck. Trying to pick what is right for you,. Knowing we were leaving it up to chance. Literally entering a lottery for one of 60 spots Every ounce of me hurt thinking about the what if’s. I had an idea. It was extreme.Your dad said it before I did. And we knew. Protect your interests before everything else. Wait it out. If you don’t get one of the 60 spots. We’ll wait. I’ll help you out in the meantime. And when a space opens, you will be where you need to be. Nothing else is an option.

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