This kiddo is something else...I love her! Not sure if I like the word strips in the bottom right...opinions welcome!

Today as I was working on your baby book, I came across this group of photos from April 2008. I have always loved the expressions and the colors of these pictures, but today as I looked I noticed something that made me laugh. There is Nevaeh, hamming it up for the camera. And there you are. What are you doing? Putting some found object in your mouth, of course! I love the look of determination as you eye the chosen item, then your delight as you pop it in your mouth and begin to gnaw.
Even today, at 2 1/2 years old, you still have a penchant for eating small inedible things. If I had a penny for every time I have said, “Ellie, take that out of your mouth! That is not food!,” I would be a millionaire I think. Thankfully you have never choked and usually spit it out when instructed. (Although lately when I tell you to spit, you gulp quickly and say with a giggle, “I did eat it mommy!” Arrghh!!) Though I am not always a fan of your culinary choices, there is an upside to your little quirk. You tend to be fairly adventurous and willing to try new cuisine. As long as you supplement your oddities with real food, I guess I will be satisfied and wait for this phase to pass. (Soon, I hope!)

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