Creative Team Spotlight Scraplift: Amy L's Merry and Bright

What you are seeing here is a collaborative effort between me and 6 other ladies. In working with these fine, outspoken women, I now have a much better understanding of why talks between nations often break down... Smile The story is this...

Even before she succumbed to cancer, my mom had reached a point where she really couldn't live on her own, with the result being that she eventually moved into an independent living center for seniors (a decision not without much pain and reluctance, but that is a WHOLE other story). The retirement community that she selected is run by an order of Catholic nuns, and although we are Episcopalian, she was welcomed there with open arms, as are all of the residents no matter what their beliefs. I can't say enough about this place or about the fantastic sisters that run it. It was they that were literally holding my hands as my mom took her last breath on this earth. Being at this facility, I still feel a connection to my mom, so after her passing I began doing volunteer work there. Recently, some of the women have been asking me about scrapbooking in general and digital scrapbooking in particular. Several skeptics were not convinced that a digital scrapbook page could be pretty or easy or fun, and so I was dared to make a digital page right on the spot. Ulp! Talk about a challenge! Fortunately, I have now participated in two of Cassie's 30MM challenges, so I have a tiny bit of experience in pulling things together quickly (note that I didn't say I was good at it!), and I'd been thinking about doing a lift of Amy's "Merry and Bright" page for a while. The photo is of one of the sisters dancing with one of the residents at a recent function (and holy macaroni can Sister ever dance!). Since the photo is that of a nun, a line from Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 seemed like the fitting title to this page, and a verse from Scripture for the journaling seemed appropriate.

If you think it's hard making a page when you're sitting by yourself in front of the computer, try doing it with 6 completely independent minds and mouths hovering over your shoulder giving you, um, advice. Yeah, that's what we'll call it--advice.

There is no reward in being good. The ladies liked how this page turned out. They liked it so well, in fact, that I've now been roped into teaching an intro to Photoshop class. God help us all! Smile

A great, big huge thanks to Sharon (cheska99) and Mollie (readstoomuch) for answering my questions about strokes and inner borders. Thanks, Ladies!

One final note: in adding the Psalm quote to the page, I originally typed in the wrong numbers. I typed in Psalm 143:9 instead of 149:3. And what is Psalm 143:9? I was curious so I looked it up. It is, "Deliver me, O Lord, from mine enemies: I flee unto Thee to hide me." OMG! This is kind of how I was feeling about half-way through the making of this page. Smile

Jesse Edwards
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Katie Pertiet
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Fonts: MS Reference Sans Serif; Papyrus

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