Just a little soul bearing in a letter to my children ...

Thank you for looking.

What will you remember from your childhood? Will you remember family movie nights and Disney vacations? Will you remember cleaning days on Saturday and laughing around the table at dinner? Or will you remember only the times when Mom was preoccupied or short-tempered? Oh, my sweet, sweet children, your mother is far from a perfect mother. All too human in my frailties, all too set in my ways at times. Despite my shortcomings, I pray that in the stretch of time before you, when you look back on your childhood, you will ... Remember This -- I love you always.

Photo Corners No. 2, Postage Strip Words -- Katie Pertiet
Zip Its, Fasten Its -- Pattie Knox
Distressing Brush -- Anna Aspnes
Lolly Solids, Noel, Bella Solids -- Michelle Martin
Ocean Kit -- Andrea Victoria
DYL W4S1 -- Cathy Zielske

P.S. Like a dork, I completely forgot that one of the challenges had the title quote in it. Oh, well!