This is a little heavy perhaps. I am still trying to deal with my daddy passing away and this is only one way to help me digest the emotions that are in me.

** Cancer took my Pappa away from me. Cancer is the word you think is not going to be spoken in the same sentence as your own family We were lucky for so long - i was almost ready to think we were lucky enough to go free. but then the evil cancer came with it’s ugly claws and sulphur breath and with a hollow laughter said “You thought you could escape me, did you?” And then took my pappa away from me. And then attacked my brother. It’s vile little eyes gleaming, twisting while the cancer eats it’s way into the flesh. and i am left feeling helpless. the safety net i thought was secure has been torn away from beneath me. who is next? is the feeling that wakes me up at night. And I shudder at the faint smell of sulphur.

i study cancer every day. to learn how it forms, grows, why, where
i learn to differentiate one from the other how to stop them how to demolish them sometimes - when it is about you -the knowledge is useless All you have are hope and prayers **

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