Journaling: Thirty days on the other side of 40. A time generally devoted for reflection of one’s life.

When I was little the dream life went like this: I was going to climb the corporate ladder of successfully exuding self confidence in every aspect of life. I’d wear smart suits and live in the city. I would be married so some equally successful corporate suit. I might adopt kids, but I probably wasn’t going to have my own. As I hit my 20’s, inclusion of taking many art classes: drawing and painting and then moving on to woodworking, welding, and sewing came. I’d never scrapbook.

I never expected to end up here: an 80 pound overweight, stay-at-home, home educating mom. Still insecure, maybe not the cowering little girl I once was, but still second guessing. I have two wonderful children that are my own (I’d still love to adopt though). I am married to my best friend. There has only been one drawing class under my belt. I love scrapbooking. I’ve re-embraced my religion and am growing in the Word. As we educate our children, I find I’m learning much that was not covered in my own public education and much that I had forgotten. My priorities have changed for the better. I love my life and where I am. The best things about 40 are that I have my family, we have our health, my religion, our own home, financial stability, and that I’m still growing; still learning, who could ask for more?

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