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You are beautiful and precious, but it’s more important for you to believe than for anyone else to believe it!
Little girls and their mothers should never have to endure abuse. It is wrong. It is not your fault.
Forgiveness is a powerful thing. It doesn’t matter if it’s wanted or accepted. It is your OWN heart that is lightened and set free by it.
You are so sad in this photo, and I want you to know that life holds immeasurable joy and laughter. Yes. For you.
What you are is a beautiful mosaic of everything that has happened to you. What seems impossible to endure now will someday be the foundation of an incredible woman.
It’s not what happens to you that counts, it’s how you respond and what you choose to make of it that matters most.
Life will not always be a lonely place. The love of family and friends is priceless, and you will one day be rich indeed.
Stay close to nature. It will always bring you peace. Hold on to your sense of wonder.
You are strong. You will survive. You will, in fact, triumph!