Here's week 3 . . .
1. Whenever I pass this statue on the bookshelf, I think of how much I like it. It is always a positive reminder for me to pray often.
2. Tom has started playing guitar a little again. Neither one of us have played our instruments too much since Nathan was born. I really enjoy hearing him play in the evenings again.
3. I played piano today too. I did it with Nate in the Baby Bjorn in front of me. I played Christmas music from my favorite Christmas book even though it is past that time now. They are my favorite arrangements to play and I didn’t get to play them this Christmas.
4. I laid Nathan on the bed to try to get a few pictures of him today. He rolled right on over to his back! It wasn’t intentional yet, but it’s the first step! I praised him, and he gave me a look that said, “What did I do?” He smiled back at me anyway.
5. This morning we woke up to hoar’s frost on everything. It’s really beautiful and not a common occurance. It seemed like the fog froze on everything and left these beautiful snow spikes. I snuck outside for a few quick minutes to try out my camera on them.
6. Nathan is 4 months old today! He has developed so much already. It is hard to believe just 4 months and 1 day ago I hadn’t even met him and was still big, puffy, swollen, and tired of waiting and wonder when he would arrive!
7. Frozen memories of summer. The ice is still here from yesterday.

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