Great challenge....

61 years old, going to 40, 1, 60 cm tall, brown eyes and brown hair with many grays.
I color my hair to their natural color and the last 5 years I add some blonde flashes.
Slim for when I remember myself (52kilos). The last 7 years I am 8 kilos heavier.
+ I am married for 38 years with a wonderful man 5 years older than me, who has been
ill the last 10 years from Parkinson Disease. Mother of two sons, the elder recently
married. I wish to become grandma soon. + I live in Athens but I was born in Santorini island
and moved here when I was 3 years old. + I love cooking and experiment new recipes.I love
to cook for my friends but I hate the everyday cooking. + I hate housework; I hate mess, so
I am a clean freak. + I love the sweets of every kind and I am a chocolate and ice cream lover.
+ I love body exercise not for my figure but as a stress relief method (1st). I love walking
to take photographs, especially old houses. + My best friend is Sophia.+ I love my computer,
scrapbooking my new hobby, Designer Digitals and its digi members.
+ My favorite color is the blue of the sea and sky and my favorite flowers are the red roses.
My favorite perfume is Channel No 5 in winter and Donna Karan in summer. + I love
shopping and shopping therapy as a stress relief method (2nd). + I love travels. + I hate TV
and I love to go to the cinema, My favorite movies are the “Gone with the Wind” and
“Casablanca”. + I love reading and my favorite books are the “Wuthering Heights” and
“The perfume”.+ I love to sing, family tradition, I have a pretty good voice. I sing more
when s/g worries me. It’s a stress relief method. (3rd). + I love classic music, rock, blues, jazz
and the Greek Rebetiko which touches my soul and smoothes my sorrows. + I love dancing.
+ I love coffee. + I don’t drink except if I am with friends and my favorites are
the Greek ouzo with seafood in a close to sea tavern hearing the sound of the waves and
the red wine. + I smoke a box a day and I pray to stay healthy because I enjoy
smoking. + I love sincerity, I hate lies. I believe in God.+ I am a perfectionist and stressful
character. + I love life, I am a survivor, I am a fighter. I am a very calm character,
with anger explosions. + I am afraid of the wars, earthquakes, human malice
and to loose my files after a computer crush. + Many of the plans I have made in my
life didn’t work, because life had other plans for me. I believe that there is a destiny
for every one of us and because of this my first favorite poem is “Ithaca” of the Greek
poet K.Kavafis. I don’t bother if I find my Ithaca poor when I arrive, I am on board and I
enjoy a journey full of experiences. + I wish and pray to stay healthy to care my husband.
+ I am grateful to God, though the difficulties,for all these I have in my life. Life is not an
ice cream. I am optimist.
+ I regret that I didn’t dare to make my own revolution, when I was young. To make
my mistakes and learn from them, to wander for a while. Because life needs some madness,
It is the salt of life My second favorite poem, the “Mal du depart” of the Greek poet
Nikos Cavadias expresses my feelings for this part of myself.
Mal du depart
Always the perfect and unworthy lover
of the endless voyage and azure ocean,
I shall die one evening, like any other,
without having crossed the dim horizon.

For Madras, Singapore, Algeria, Sfax,
the proud ships will still be setting sail,
but I shall bend over a chart-covered desk
and look in the ledger, and make out a bill.

I'll give up talking about long journeys,
My friends will think I've forgotten at last;
my mother will be delighted: she'll say
"A young man's fancy, but now it's passed

But one night my soul will rise up before me,
and ask, like some grim executioner, "Why?"
This unworthy trembling hand will take arms
and fearlessly strike where the blame must lie.

And I, who longed to be buried one day
in some deep sea of the distant Indies
shall come to a dull and common death;
shall go to a grave like the graves of so many.

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