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Journaling: I would never have characterized the drive from West Texas to
Oklahoma as a scenic one ... until now. Just north of Lawton is State Highway 49, a small, winding road that leads through the Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge, a little slice of Heaven carved out in the middle of Oklahoma. Braving the narrow, torturous road up Mt. Scott, we were rewarded with this windswept vista. Just breathtaking, especially for an acrophobic. In the end, however, it was definitely worth leaving the car for the spectacular view.

Credits: Stems of Three brush -- Michelle Martin
OMG Kit, Muted Color Textured
Papers (Recolored) -- Anna Aspnes
Little Bits Alpha, Classic
Cardstock Autumn Ice (Recolored) -- Katie Pertiet
DYL W3S2 -- Cathy Zielske