It is a large bucket to fill ... yet every drop counts. Thank you to everyone who has contributed in any way to help relieve the suffering in Haiti. We here at DD are so very proud of our friend Christina who is working tirelessly amid chaos and suffering ... standing shoulder to shoulder with her fellow Haitians in the aftermath of this terrible tragedy. Please send her your love and prayers.

All supplies from the DD Collective Kit "Help For Haiti" coming soon.

Journaling: The horrific events that took place in Haiti would have moved me to tears if I had not personally known a single soul affected by them. But the knowledge that Christina, one of our own, is living with the aftermath of the horror each day is unbearably heartbreaking to the DD family. To those of you who have given what you are able to help Christina’s country attempt to rebuild its hopes and dreams, we thank you ...from the very bottom of our collective hearts ... in every language.

Photo Credits must go out to Melanie Grimes (the signs) and Katrina Kennedy (wine toasting) for their skill in capturing memories of a wonderful weekend spent with Christina that continues to warm our hearts a year later.