I've never done an all about me layout. This really makes me realize I don't document ME enough. Thanks for the new challenge Steph!

Katie Pertiet-
Graphic Pop Circles Brushes and Stamps
Roughly Sealed Brushes and Stamps
Recorded Brushes and Stamps
Drop Shadow Styles Collection
Anna Aspnes-
MonoBlendz Dunes Paperie
Distressed Korners N Edges No. 07 BrushSet
SandScratched ToolSet No. 01

Fonts: Traveling Typewriter and CK Ali's Hand

Journaling: I live in the house I grew up in. My oldest daughter’s bedroom used to be my own. I think it is so cool that she goes to the same grade school I did and might have one of my old teachers. I love my family. Sometimes they drive me crazy but at the end of the day I wouldn’t be without them. I drink water. I have finally rid myself of my addiction to caffeine. I couldn’t do it on my own, nursing Anna has made all the difference. I eat most foods, but can’t stomach anything hotter than a hot tamale candy. I watch Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe, House Hunters, CSI Las Vegas, and Sponge Bob. I wish I had as much energy as my 2 year old. I hope to preserve my kids’ childhood through photographs and scrapbooks. I laugh when I’m nervous or can’t think of anything to say. I cry rarely. The tears don’t flow as easily as they did before Dad died. I don’t know why. I wear the most comfortable clothes I can find. I walk indoors more than I do out, and want to change that. I fear being alone. I thrive on being needed by others. This is me. Right now.