One of my intentions for my pagework this year is to create what I am calling a Book of Knowledge. It's for my grandpeople when they get older. Sort of like the blankies I made for them before they were born. I'll be adding pages, hopefully once a week, and intend to put them here. If you want to suggest other images or give me help in trying to get across my idea on each page, I would love it. This one is about how changes and chance happen to us but how choices also shape who we make of ourselves.
Blankies Story

The butterfly’s changes are set by nature and by chance.and so are ours. Each
of us is shaped by what we’ve received at our birth and by the the chance events that
seem to find us. Yet, as human beings something else
creates our path, determines how we evolve and where we go next.
We have the possibility of choice and the responsibility to know our own
self well enough to choose well.
We cannot avoiding choosing. Each day, each hour
we choose our life by the
tiny decisions we make.
Do this, do that,
act kind, create beauty,
study, eat, take a nap.
Watch the butterfly,
weed the yard.
Whichever choice
you make, make it
true to you as you
are now.

Anna has new word art for this weekend…..GROW WordART No1
needless to say….I love it all.

Anna Aspnes
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