So many projects, so little time, but since I'm not doing P365 this year, thought I'd throw my hat in the ring on a journey of self-discovery!

Apologies to KerryMac for the very similar style page, great minds think alike.

Classic Cardstock : Autumn Ice by Katie Pertiet
Vintage Journal Spots No.2 by Katie Pertiet
Messy Stamped Alpha No.2 by Katie Pertiet
Messy Stamped Numbers and Extras by Katie Pertiet
Staple its by Pattie Knox
Font – Century Gothic

Journalling :
woman * wife * step-mother * daughter * sister * friend * workmate * comic * love to laugh * laughs a lot * perhaps too much * 45 years old * i have to do the math because i forget how old i am * creative * always something in progress * my mind never stops * digi scrapping has become my passion * leaving a footprint for future generations * love to take photographs * take after my grandfather in that respect * what a wonderful legacy to hand me * love my husband * love my step-children * wish things could be different and have my own children * but i am happy * perfectionist * knitter * good listener * caring * love chocolate way too much * spend too much time on the computer * hey but what’s a girl to do when that’s where your hobby leads you * love to give gifts * christmas is my favourite time of year * i miss my dad * i feel him watching over me * i cherish my friends * i adore my menagerie * they really are mine even though they are ours * they are my shadows * could eat chicken every day for the rest of my life and still enjoy it * love listening to talking books * makes the drive to and from work bearable * favourite sandwich is avocado chicken cheese tomato and mayonaisse * delicious * nothing better than to be cuddled * although back rubs come mighty close * can’t walk outside without something on my feet * not even on grass * does that make me soft * who cares * billy joel rocks * clint eastwood makes me go all gooey inside * oh those dirty harry sideburns * enjoy reality tv * survivor, masterchef australia, america’s next top model, the biggest loser * really don’t like karaoke but will tolerate it because mike does * really really adore mike * couldn’t have found a better man to spend my life with * we laugh a lot * it’s good for the soul * really really adore my best friend sonia * wonder why she loves me too * wonders if people like me full stop * but still have a seriously positive outlook * cup is always half full * actually cup is probably overflowing * loving painting the house right now * remind me of that in a month’s time * still work for vicpol * coming up 25 years * wonders where time disappears to * still feels like a kid at times * although my body doesn’t feel like it * talks a lot * great memory for things * need to lose weight * need to get fit * have been there done that * need to do it again * easily inspired by people * want to achieve * would love to own my own shop * a christmas shop of course * prefer a cup of tea over alcohol * but will still enjoy a good glass of wine if the mood takes me * definitely a carnivore * love roast lamb * seriously a sweet tooth * i cry in sad movies * i cry if someone else is crying * i can’t help that * wear black a lot * i fear failing * like my own company * i don’t like to be touched when sleeping * i can’t sleep with my feet touching * strange i know * i look forward to the future * i look forward to growing old with mike * i wonder what the coming year will bring * hoping it brings us peace and happiness * this is me * now * jan 2010