This is the first challenge I've done. And I had a heck of a time with it! It was hard to decide how to do this, and what to write etc. Anyway, here's what I came up with . . . TFL!

Journaling:1. I am happily married to Tom for two and a half years.
2. I am mother to four month old Nathan.
3. I am a new stay at home mom after six years teaching.
4. I am a homebody mostly because that’s what works best with my little guy right now.
5. It’s important to me to know I’ve done a good job.
6. I am very excited about my new hobbies of digital scrapbooking and photography.
7. I love being able to see each new milestone that my son achieves.
8. I enjoy talking with my parents often, and look forward to when they visit.
9. I am Catholic and my faith is my foundation for myself and my family.
10. I enjoy reading, crocheting, playing piano, going for walks, the feeling after working out, cooking, having a clean house, decorating, learning how to do new things, etc. . . .
11. I am trying to get back into journaling daily.
12. I really like Pottery Barn style.
13. I am 28, 5’7”, and back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but am trying to get back into pre-pregnancy shape.
14. I really dislike making phone calls, being sick, feeling unproductive, distracted drivers, and when people are rude or interrupt, skinny jeans.
15. I tend to be more quiet and prefer to watch or listen to what’s going on around me.
16. I prefer to have fewer really close friends
17. I am on a dairy-free diet because my nursing son is sensitive to it and miss the pizza, ice cream, and yogurt.
18. We have a 16 month old chocolate lab name Jake who has grain allergies and is a nut!
19. I look forward to when my son is more independent, but at the same time love his dependence at this age.
20. I drink cranberry juice with water, or just plain water. I gave up pop about a year and a half ago.
21. My favorite book will always be Jane Eyre.
22. I have fairly long, auburn, permed hair, green-ish brown eyes, and I get freckles in the sun.
23. I have driven a black Honda Odyssey since last June.
24. I am happy, healthy, and blessed. I couln’t ask for any better.

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