I decided to make life easier and use Lynn's templates with a few modifications. Love 'em! TFL

The cattails down at the pond are losing their fuzzy coat. We headed to PA on Friday for wedding stuff. We met with the caterer that’s making Ash’s cake and he had some beaurtiful examples. She and Chris settled on a four tier square cake with a navy damask pattern and white chocolate starfish around the base. On Saturday we had a tasting with the caterer doing the reception and the food was so creative and delicious! My favorites were the items being served during the cocktail which included these small Chinese takeout containers with udon noodles and shrimp. When we got home on Sunday, we found a new friend on the porch. She’s extremely friendly and obviously someone’s pet. Since we don’t have any neighbors I’m pretty sure she was abandoned which happens a lot around here. She’s made herself at home on the porch so I made a bed for her in one of the chairs and have been feeding her everyday. She greets me everytime I walk out on the porch and jumps in my lap to be petted. Maddie and MaryAnn have no idea about my secret pet on the porch. Not sure if they’d be too happy about her... On Monday we took a drive to Williamsburg and stopped at Pierce’s for BarBQ - the best we’ve found in VA so far. Maddie’s bunny goes everywhere with her and is getting very worn. I told Ash’s bridesmaids I would do the invites for the shower they’re planning and now is crunch time. I have about 6 designs I’ve sent them to pick from. Why do I keep committing to things?

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