This is another assignment for CathyZielske's Design Your Life class at Bigpicturescrapbooking.
I am a few assigments behind so this LO serves as my week #3 lesson and #3 color lesson.

Thanks for looking!
Someday, probably in the near future, you kids will learn exactly what I mean when I say, “Let’s go to the park!” You think I want to go and play, which I do, really! I just want to play photographer and have you guys play the role of supermodels! It’s great fun...for me! Seriously, I really appreciate all of you going with me to various parks when we get together so that I can practice taking photos and learn my camera. You all are such good sports and have put up with me asking you to pose, coaxing smiles out of you, and bribing when all else fails. Thanks for playing with me, kids!
Katie Pertiet:
Sacked Solids: Earth Tones Paper Pack
Web Inspiration 10.09 (I altered the font as I did't have a font to match the original)
Template given in class materials.
Century Gothic Font