For a class project, ds had to plan and prepare a Medieval Feast. He did a marvelous job, and I am so proud of him. It was definitely HIS kind of homework ... and mine! ;-)

An assignment from Cathy's class.

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What started as “just another” history class project, ended as a magical evening of fun, family and food. The medieval feast captured your imagination. You wanted to be involved in every aspect -- from planning to preparation and presentation. You decided the menu, helped in the preparation of all the dishes, and created decorations which were reflective of the style of the time, both in the food and in the centerpieces for the table. When the limelight of the evening turned to you as the host, you were in your element explaining the customs of the medieval table to the rest of the family. No forks -- Fingers only please! No napkins -- Use the trenchers to wipe your hands. No plates ... well, I drew the line there. Even the dogs seemed to know the tradition of getting scraps from the banquet table. After the dinner, we retired to the backyard for a brief tournament between you and your brother, lightsabers taking the place of swords. Yes, it was an enchanting evening, and you, my dear son, made it a night to remember!

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