On my computer desk top there are at least three or maybe even four different scrapbooking projects I'm working on, but instead of getting a page completed for one of those projects, I decided to make a page about one of our cats. At this rate, I'll finish my December/Christmas pages in July!

The story is this...
While putting away the breakfast things on Sunday, our cat (Lucifer) jumped onto a shelf in the pantry to check things out. He's done this before, and he's been yelled at as a result, but still, to a cat a half-open door is an invitation to explore. Plus, I'm now sending him conflicting signals: "Wait right there until I get a picture of you, and then get out!" Too many more of these mixed signals and we'll have to put him on kitty cat Valium. Smile

He was starting to move when I took this photo; I'm surprised that it isn't more blurry.

BTW, he is called 'Lucifer' because he was named by our 4-year-old neighbor boy. We really ought to call him 'Buttercup' or 'Fraidy Cat,' as either of those names would suit his disposition better. Lucifer was abandoned by his owners when they moved out of our neighborhood. (There should be a special Hell for people like that, but I digress...) He started hanging around our house (the cat, not the neighbor boy!) and we eventually caught him and decided to keep him (again, the cat and not the neighbor boy!). However, by the time we caught him, he had already been seen several times by the little boy who began calling him Lucifer. We thought that perhaps the boy was privy to some inside information (ha!), but his mom explained that the boy had recently seen the animated movie "Cinderella," and in this movie there is a cat named Lucifer. The boy thought all cats were called Lucifer, and it was a name that stuck. You can bet we get a lot of stares when he gets out of the house and we wander the streets of our neighborhood calling, "Lucifer! Lucifer!"

Anna Aspnes
MonoBlendz Pumpkin Spice Paperie
SandScratched Overlays No. 01 12 x 12

Lynn Grieveson
Tweet No. 02

Cassie Jones
How'd They Do That? No. 10: Blend, Burn and Dodge
How'd They Do That? No. 13: Bending Shadows

Michelle Martin
Carissa Kit

Pattie Knox
Fasten Its!
Catnip Crew Kit (used the paper from this kit and Cassie's blending technique to make the paw prints)

Katie Pertiet
Downtown Paper Pack
Filed Photo Frames No. 04
Mousing Around

Rob and Bob
Party Pop Dots Alphabet Multi Color

Andrea Victoria
Autumn Air Paper Pack
Forest Solid Paper

Mary Ann Wise
Sunflower Dreams 2 (from Pattie Knox's Still More Mad Digi Skills class)

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