8. Hayden and Nicholas had been dying to meet up over the school holidays, we arranged to meet at the temporary ice rink at the Caloundra Rollerdome. 9. Georgia fell asleep on the office floor after having a little tanty Wink. 10. Andy Roddick - the A-Rod, as he wins the Brisbane International at the Pat Rafter Arena. I went to the final with Mum and Dad and my friend Ben Conquest. 11. Georgia enjoying a spectacular late afternoon swim at The Spit. We then had a bbq dinner. 12. The brown corner room is the room I’ve been teaching in over summer. 13. My new 27” iMac came today - omg - it’s so big! We had to raise the hutch on the desk so it would fit under! 14. Well nothing is left, so the tuna pie must have been good I think Wink

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