Nothing like a little make-up to make me realize how fast dd is growing up!

Template is by Cathy Zielske from Design Your Life class at Big Picture Scrapbooking. The challenge was to use the colors red, green and gray

Supplies: Manchester Paper Pack and Red Red Paper Pack by Katie Pertiet; Canta Solids Paper Pack by Jesse Edwards; Andrea Victoria Freebie Paper

Journaling reads: Watching you put your make-up on for “Joseph” I got a glimpse of the you that is waiting just around the corner.; In a very short time; you will be wearing make-up for real.; Make-up?!; It doesn’t seem that long ago that you got into my purse and smeared lipstick all over your face; your clothes and the carpet. What struck me is how well you did.; You lined your eyes in brown with a nice steady hand.; You carefully put on mascara.; Finally; you put blush on all the way down to your jaw.; Somewhere you confused “cheekbones” with “jawbones.”; We quickly corrected that mistake.; The end result was a beautiful; natural look.; It seems you need me less and less; these days. But I hope you remember; I will always be here if you need me.