I scanned some old photos wanted to scrap these two photos of my daughter. This LO has been giving me fits. I found that the color of my DD's sweater was darned hard to work with or match. I posted two different versions last night, then decided I hated them both and pulled them. Then I spent a lot of time playing with the color wheel on Kuler.adobe.com and came up with many very strange or ugly color combinations that did not work. I spent time trying to recolor some of my scrap supplies, but gave up. I played with different colored brushes of all kinds and all kinds of blending modes, but gave up. Finally, I came up with this-- I give up!

Journaling: Nikki (at three and a half) in the backyard... The turtle sandbox seemed like a part of the family. You and Robbie used to play on the deck for hours. You were always busy and happy, in and out of the house all day long And you loved this little sweater that always reminded me of the "Pokey Little Puppy."
-- Fall, 1988

Katie Pertiet: This is Happy LT; Color Challenge paper 11/08/09; Creased Cardstock Ad Freebie; Color Challenge flowers 3/15/09.