Missed the beginning of this chat today. By the time I downloaded the file, Cassie had already logged off and I didn’t got the chance to say “Thank you!” So thank you Cassie for such a cute and challenging 30MM! I must admit, I took 43 minutes today because I kept moving the elements! Having all of them bleed off an edge was a challenge! Since I consider Shadow part of my nuclear family, this is Emmett, my sister’s new puppy.

Cassie Jones:
30MM Chat 010910 file which included Katie Pertiet Mailroom No1 paper, matte Black Vintage frame, Gaffer Tape No2 and Any Day brush.

I added
Katie Pertiet:
Classic Cardstock: Cleansing
Date Tags No. 02

Anna Aspnes:
MultiStitched by Anna Black/White No. 01
StraightLine Stitch Black No. 01

Ali Edwards:
Memory Tags

Pattie Knox:
Just The Basics: Stitched Felt Alphas