30MM Challenge


Time passes...

Okay, back with the credits. You guys are all so incredible that you can put together such lovely layouts in 30 minutes. I'm still so busy worrying about the rules and trying to find the right gallery that I completely forget about composition. Oh well, like that old joke about how to get to Carnegie Hall--practice! practice! practice! (I promise for the next 30MM challenge--no more whining! Smile )

The title of this layout could also be how I feel about these challenges...(I said next time no more whining... Smile )

This is a photo of a friend of ours, who was to give the toast at his brother's wedding. He was quite the nervous wreck, so he tried to sneak away to go over his notes. but that pesky wedding photographer was everywhere.

More time passes...

I added the camera brush after the challenge was over. It fit with the story in the layout, but I wasn't clever enough or fast enough to come up with this idea during the challenge. However, I may add this page to this wedding album, so I thought I'd fix it up, although it didn't seem worth it to clutter up the gallery bandwidth by re-posting it. If you're looking at this layout for the first time, imagine it without the camera and imagine it with one more purple brush. Smile

Cassie Jones
30MM Challenge Freebie
Anna Aspnes
Hipster Plume FotoBlendz Clipping Masks No. 03
Katie Pertiet
Color Challenge 11_15_09 (purple background paper)
Camera brush: bum23 at deviantART

Thanks for looking! Smile